Attachment-led early years practice: with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

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In our society, caring for children usually includes a large component of professional input. We use the language of ‘services’ to describe that input. Yet the science tells us that children aren’t looking for services, they want relationships. Human beings are physiologically driven to seek out emotional connection with others, especially with the adults who are significant in their lives - be this at home, with friends or within childcare settings.

This webinar will enhance your understanding of attachment theory and how to make practical use of the science of connection and relationships to better support the children you work with.

Key learning:

  • Reviewing the key scientific insights that helps us to understand the human drive for relationships
  • Comparing these insights to the ways in which professional services are currently conceived, designed and delivered
  • Identifying gaps between children's services and children's needs - and explore how to address these gaps.


Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist fascinated by babies’ innate capacity to connect. Suzanne works internationally with organisations who are keen to think more deeply about fostering connection, compassion and resilience. In 2014, Suzanne founded the organization connected baby. She and her team work to help parents and professionals make practical use of the science of connection.

Suzanne’s core aspiration continues to be strengthening awareness of the decisions we take about caring for our children — because those choices are integrally connected to our vision for the kind of society we wish to build.

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