Leadership & management: attunement in leading, developing and mediating

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About this event

This training is designed for those who are responsible in some way for leading and managing others, and who would like to build on their effective communication and leadership style and skills. It will look at how attunement can support the functions of leadership and management and will explore team dynamics as well as managing effective, democratic meetings.

This course is based on an empowerment model for leaders by building on their own unique and effective styles.

"Thank you so much Sandra...I got a lot from the webinar this morning. Really enjoyed the theory and practice links. Great to have a reflective space to think about this at the moment" - Previous webinar attendee, May 2020

Key learning

  • Understanding the key functions of leadership and management
  • Gaining knowledge of the attunement principles for leaders and managers
  • Chairing attuned and effective meetings
  • Considering team dynamics and group work theory for developing teams
  • Sharing experience of managing conflicts and gaining support through attuned practices.


Sandra Strathie has worked across the UK and internationally as a trainer and on workforce development projects. She is a published author on attunement in practice for family work and educational development.

Sandra is interested in practical day to day methods that can be used in the workplace that professionals can utilise to better understand and develop satisfying relationships through attuned practices, as this leads to wellbeing not only for children, but in families, with staff and for ourselves.

Dealing with conflict and managing groups are areas of expertise for Sandra having previously worked as a tutor for the University of Dundee, as a Learning and Workforce Development Officer and as a consultant and mentor to several large voluntary organisations and local authorities.

System requirements

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Refund Policy

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